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Covid19 info

Dear guests, we are so happy to have you at our playground! We’re parents like you and take the safety of your kids as seriously as that of our own kids. 

We have organized the playground activities and areas to ensure the highest safety standards, and have routine cleanings in the playground.

😷 Face coverings
Vaccinated adults and children are not required to wear face coverings but are encouraged to do so. Unvaccinated adults and children are required to wear face coverings. Our playground staff (the “Ambassadors of Fun”) are also required to wear face coverings.
Use common sense and be mindful not just of your and your kids’ safety but also of the safety of the other kids and grownups in the playground.

👭 Limits to the number of guests
We comply with the state mandates regarding the maximum playground occupancy. Contact us at or via phone at 440-252-2575 if you have any questions about the maximum occupancy.

🧼 Playground safety protocols
We disinfect multi-touch surfaces and toys regularly throughout the day.
Our playground is fully stocked with PPE equipment such as masks, sanitizer stations, disinfectant wipes, and disposable gloves. Ask the playground staff if you can’t locate sanitizers or wipes, or if you need a disposable mask.

🎉 Birthday parties and events
We are hosting birthday parties and events! Visit our website for more information and available days and hours, or contact us via phone (440-252-2575) or email (

👍 Safety measures for TreeHouse Toys & Play staff
We follow all CDC guidelines. All our employees are required to submit a wellness check every day upon arriving at work, including a temperature check. We do not allow employees who have a fever, cough, or otherwise appear unwell to work.
All our staff is required to maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times while at the playground.